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Do you want to take your surf skills to the next level? Check here to find out the Best Surfboard For Intermediate Surfers. If you are reading this article, then I must assume that you know the basics of surfing and now want to go to the next level of surfing. 

This transition is a very critical step on your journey as a surfer. I have seen so many new intermediate surfers making mistakes while choosing the surfboard for them. A wrong surfboard can hamper your progress and maybe even dangerous. So, you must choose the right surfboard for yourself. Do not be worry; To solve your problem, we have created this buying guide for best intermediate surfboards which help you in selecting the right one.

Best Surfboard For Intermediate Surfers

Selecting the right intermediate surfboard can be a bit tricky. Many new intermediate surfers get overexcited and buy the high-end advanced surfboard which might be not suitable for them. So, Go for the one which is ideal for your level and helps you in achieving the next level. So let’s look at our list.

1. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board – 4′ 8″ Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer

Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board - 4' 8" Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer

While choosing the intermediate surfboard, the surfboard must be able to work on the different types of waves. This is the main difference between the beginner and the intermediate variety. The Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board is the right choice if you are planning to go to the next level.

It is a Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer with a dimension of 4′ 8″. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board is specially designed to able to surf in the smaller and predictable wave types. It is also small in size, which helps in easy maneuverability. It is recommended for people of intermediate to advanced skill level who wants to venture into the exciting wake surfing sports.

You can also customize the fin setup. It is also interchangeable with all Futures Fins making it a perfect surfboard. Its outdoor design is very modern, and the look and feel will make you think like advanced surfers.
EPS is used in the construction of this surfboard. The natural wood stinger is placed inside it, which helps in making it more customizable. Its outer surface is carefully hand-finished, and a layer of fiberglass gives it a shiny and robust look. The traction pad is solid and can do quick turns without much hassle, thanks to the Diamond Machine Cut made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate. It can support a weight of up to 250 pounds. We have placed it in top of our list, and we recommend it.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for smaller waves.
  • Weight limit of 250 pounds.
  • 4′ 8″ Surf Style Wakesurf Board.
  • EPS Core with a natural wood stringer.
  • maximum stability.
  • Hand Finished.
  • EVA Diamond Shape Traction Pad.
  • None

2. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard

Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard

The Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard is recommended for anyone who is planning to go to the intermediate level of surfing. This surfboard has many excellent features. It is lightweight and easy to use and also provides more excellent stability. Due to its lightweight, It is highly portable and can be taken anywhere easily.

Its design is very modern and looks pleasing to the eyes. Graphic Film Technology makes the design last longer and shiny. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard has a classic design of stripes, and they will last longer and even in constant sunlight, the color will not fade. It features HDPE technology which adds to the stability when you surf. The HDPE features strengthen the board and increase the strength and durability against the ocean waves. It also features strong extruded polystyrene which helps in easy handling of the surfboard. It also features 3 marine-ply stringers system for comfortable surfing.

The Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard is equipped with many reliable bolted components which makes it durable and makes it almost unbreakable. This board also features pre-installed ankle leash, which helps you in doing many daring tasks. It is one of the Best Surfboard For Intermediate Surfers, and we recommend it.

Pros Cons
  • Great For Intermediate.
  • strong EPS core.
  • Volume 86 liters.
  • Textured Traction Pad.
  • Strong Bolt-thru components.
  • weight capacity : 200lbs.
  • Removable ankle leash.
  • Weight Limitation.

3. BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

Not everyone who is transitioning into the intermediate level wants a surfboard which is fast and highly maneuverable. Many of us want a surfboard with more stability and long life. So, We have selected BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard on our list.

It is available in various sizes including 6,7,8 and 9 feet. This surfboard is suitable for those who want to surf on the bigger unbroken waves in the ocean but also consider safety as the most important criteria. BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard has a good volume and has more stability which will help you surf smoothly. That will increase your confidence as you move to the next level.

This surfboard is made from the closed-cell watertight core and a laminated non-slip deck. It features cushioned rails that will absorb any impact shocks. It also features composite stringer which increases the rigidity of the board. It has Soft ‘No Wax’ deck. It is a durable, lightweight surfboard at an affordable price.

Pros Cons
  • good volume.
  • Soft ‘No Wax’ deck.
  • Internal Twin Reinforced Composite stringers.
  • durable.
  • easy to use.
  • Stable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Little Heavy.
  • Only for slow and safe usage.

4. Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48 Twin

Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48 Twin

The Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48 Twin is suitable for anyone who wants to surf in small waves as an intermediate surfer. They are made in California and for those who want to surf all day every day. The shape of this surfboard is egg-like, and it has a height of 4 feet. The width of this surfboard is 18 inches which I think is enough for every surfer. Ths surfboard is not made for strong waves, and we recommend it only for the calm waves.

It features Special Dual-composite core made of high-pressure construction to provide stiffness for speed. It also features high-density polyethylene slick bottom which makes the surfboard highly durable and very strong. You also get two removable fins with it which you can use based on your needs. This surfboard has great stability and gives excellent performance in the ocean. It is also very affordable.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for smaller waves.
  • Removable Twin Fins.
  • Pro-style Leash.
  • Special Dual-composite core.
  • high-pressure construction.
  • Greater Stability.
  • Durable.
  • small size.
  • Not suitable for strong waves.

5. Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Heritage

Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Heritage

The Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Heritage is suitable for any intermediate surfers who want to have a bit of fun and want to test their limit. It is a huge surfboard measuring 8 feet 8 inches long and has a width of 23 inches. Its thickness is 3.25 inches. This large size enables it to carry up to 230 lbs. If you are looking for something bigger, then go for it.

It is very steady and can easily surf n various types of various waves. The top deck has a texture of croc skin which is made from IXPE foam. Its bottom is made from Diamond Weave Slick HDPE which helps in giving it the speed and thrilling surfing experience. It also features three rounded safe edge screw-in surfboard fins and one 9 foot surfboard leash as well — overall one of the Best Surfboard For Intermediate Surfers.

Pros Cons
  • All-inclusive package.
  • Support up to 230 pounds.
  • Fun, Performance Focused Shape.
  • ‘Fingerprint’ Textured Wax-Free Board.
  • Durable.
  • Strong.
  • big size.
  • Not for smaller People.

6. Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard

Wavestorm 8' Surfboard

The Wavestorm surfboard is known or its stability, durability, and long-lasting performance. It has a unique design, and the funky ocean graphics make it a very special surfboard. Its body is made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) core with three marine-ply stringers and a resilient WBS IXL (Water Barrier Skin) delicate crosslink best graphic deck epidermis with textured grip. The bottom slick is actually an HDPE slick bottom which offers stiffness to preserve board shape.

It can support weight up to 200 pounds. It is decent and good for people who are looking for fun.

Pros Cons
  • Nice design.
  • Support upto 200 pounds.
  • Length: 8ft (243.8cm)
  • Volume: 86ltrs.
  • strong EPS core with 3 marine-ply stringers.
  • HDPE slick bottom.
  • light, soft & easy to handle.
  • leash not that good.

How to Choose Best Surfboard For Intermediate Surfers (Buying Guide)

Best Surfboard For Intermediate Surfers

So, now you have realized that you have now expertise in the beginner level of surfing and is now planning to go to the next level. Then you have to go for the intermediate level surfboard which will help you to increase your level. There are many factors which you should consider before buying intermediate surfboards. Let us look at some of them.


There are many intermediate surfboards available in the market, and all have different prices. As it will be a significant investment and you will be using it for a long time. So you should not research those surfboards which are out of your budget. 

Also, the price you are willing to pay is directly related to the quality of the surfboard you will get. It may not be true sometimes, but most of the time, this is true in this highly competitive market. If you want a perfect surfboard, then you need to spend a little more. You can wait for it if you are very desperate until your budget is enough to buy a new one. 

Surfing Level 

Yes we know that you are now not in the beginner level, but still skill level will be different. So we advise you to go for a surfboard which will last a long time and also will advance your skill level as time goes by. The surfboard should be durable and should have many functionalities. The surfboard should be a bit smaller and is made from very strong material. It will help you better in navigating waves.

Weight Limit

Make sure that Surfboard can support your weight. It will be very embarrassing if it is below your weight and so it keeps drowning every time you try to surf. You should choose a surfboard with good stability and can support your weight. You need to choose the ideal volume. It includes height, weight, and choice. This will help you in getting the ideal surfboard for you.

We hope that now you are able to choose the Best Surfboard For Intermediate Surfers. Please comment with your questions or suggestions. We will be happy to answer them. 


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